How to Post a Topic?

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How to Post a Topic? Empty How to Post a Topic?

Post by cyberjack on Fri Feb 15, 2008 2:10 pm

Tutorial No.3 >>> How to Post a Topic?
This tutorial teaches you the basic steps to post a topic. Hope this comes in handy...

.::. IMPORTANT .::.
Before posting an original Topic, make sure you read these…
Arrow How to Compress a File?
Arrow How to Upload files to internet?

.::. PROCEDURE .::.
1. Go to the correct forum related to your topic.
2. Click “New Topic”
3. A new page with “Subject” and “Message” appears.
4. Type your title in the subject box.
5. In the message box, type the description of your topic, paste the link of your file that you have uploaded.***
6. If you have password protected your file, then you MUST mention it in the post.***
7. It would be kind of you if you could include a screenshot.***
8. When you are done, click “Preview” and see whether everything is OK.
9. Finally click “Submit”
That’s it… You have made your original post.

*** NOTE ***
This procedure does not apply to all the forums in the site. For example topics in the “Fun Zone”, “General Chat” etc.. may or may not have links/pictures. In such case only texual content is enough and the steps – 5,6,7 can be omitted.
Forums which obey this procedure:
> Software$
> E-Book$
> Web Development$

Arrow How to Compress a File?
Arrow How to Upload files to internet?

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