How to Compress a File?

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How to Compress a File? Empty How to Compress a File?

Post by cyberjack on Thu Feb 14, 2008 6:33 pm

Tutorial on how to compress a file or folder using Winrar / Winzip...

.::. IMPORTANT .::.
For this first you require a compression software. E.g. Winrar, Winzip etc… [I prefer Winrar]
Arrow Winrar
Arrow Winzip

.::. PROCEDURE .::.
Assume that we are using Winrar to compress the needed file/folder.
1. Right click the file you wish to compress and select “Add to archive”.
2. A dialogue box appears.
3. Type the name of the software (or whatever you want to compress) under “General > Archive name”.
4. Choose the desired compression method. [I prefer “General > Compression method > Best”]
5. If you want to add password then click “Advanced” tag and select “Set password” and type a password.
6. When you are done, click “OK” button.
That it…! You have compressed a file/folder. If you have any doubts then send a How to Compress a File? Icon_user_profile_en

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