How to Upload Files to Internet?

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How to Upload Files to Internet? Empty How to Upload Files to Internet?

Post by cyberjack on Sat Feb 16, 2008 1:25 pm

Tutorial No.2 >>> How to upload files/folders to internet?
This tutorial teaches you to upload a file or a folder from your PC to internet. Why should I upload to internet? Simple. For sharing with other people. Sounds cool, right? Well its really easy. Just follow these steps…

.::. IMPORTANT .::.
Before uploading a file to the internet, you must know about
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.::. PROCEDURE .::.
1. Go to Exclamation Exclamation
2. In that website you can find a box with a button “Choose”
3. Click and select the file you want to upload to the internet.
4. Then click “Upload”
5. Depending upon the file size, the time taken for uploading varies. A progress of the upload is showed in that site.
6. After 100% of the file is uploaded, the website gives a link
7. Copy the link and save it in a notepad or MS word.
8. You can then use this link in your post.

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